Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Crazy Farewell Party! :')

18 November 2014

Narsis before eat

again na again :D

Makan-makan :D


smiling :)

makanan maknyosss :D

Geng Belakang ahahaha

they're the best lah (y)

persiapan tukar2an hadiah :D

dikocok2, kayak arisann... :D

No.8 Gift from Embun, my enemy classmate :P

Lanjutttt... karokean eaaaa

Mau nyanyi appa narsisan --" ckckck

kalo aku sih, narsisan aja deh :D

with embunn.. mata menyala euy *_*

pulang kiteee

with mbak ana :)


This is our Farewall Party yeahhh...
What a beautiful day! Eventhough there is little bit of sadness in our heart,
but we enjoyed this moment.

Big thankfull for my lecturer, Pak Wawan n Pak Nugroho for all of kindness
that you gave for us. May Allah give you both His Blessing. Aamiin.

And you all my crazy classmates, yeaaahhh you rocked this party!
I do never forget what we'd through together, what we did, our tears, laughed
and every single 'gossip' that we talked in class ahahaha

So, should I say goodbye right now?
Damn, how terrible condition. I hate being melow early morning,
so, I just wanna make a pray for us. Please say 'aamiin' gals! :)

This Farewell Party is a moment to remember.
Because of us, Operator Komputer!!!

YEAH!!! ^_^

Jkrt, 191114

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